Real-time prices and volumes across 4 of the biggest crypto futures exchanges.

Today we are launching our exciting new Live Combined Order Book tool to help crypto futures traders monitor movements across multiple exchanges in real-time.

Price trends, relative volumes, and current weighted midpoint price.

Why build another tool?

Bitcoin perpetuals are traded across multiple exchanges, and finding the best opportunities means looking at all of them. The problem is that they all have slightly…

Price Cascades, Momentum Trading, and Real-Time Data

Update: we now show live liquidations from 3 exchanges (including BitMEX!) on our combined order book:!

BitMEX is one of the biggest global cryptocurrency exchanges, with over $2bn notional traded daily. BitMEX specialises in futures contracts, allowing traders to build up both long and short exposure to cryptocurrencies— i.e…


Making sense of crypto futures at

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